4 Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Home Sale

Why these 4 strategies maximize your home sale – Explained in detail!

In today’s competitive world of residential real estate, selling a home with a good profit can be tricky. However, by taking care of a few important things, you can get a good price for your home. Follow these carefully crafted strategies to maximize your home sale.

List Your Home During Peak Time of The Year

  • In the real estate industry, the economic activity fluctuates throughout the year. Usually, economic activity increases during spring and summer. Most buyers start looking for a home during these seasons when the days are long, and the weather is pleasant enough to inspect homes and attend open houses. Most people want to buy a home and move in before the start of the school year in the fall.

Real estate experts believe spring is the best time to list your home. Many buyers are looking for the right home, which gives you more freedom to ask for a higher price. If your home has all the requisite qualities, the right buyer will meet your asking price. And even if you lose one interested buyer, more buyers will approach you with a good offer.

Make Smart Improvements To Your Home

All homes require improvements and maintenance work for the next occupant to move in. To sell your home for top dollar, we recommend you make some value-adding improvements to captivate the buyer’s attention. Spend your money wisely on the following improvements and renovations:

  • The garage is an important part of the home, and most buyers are curious about it. If you have a non-functional, old, and rusted garage door, replace it with a new one. Don’t forget to declutter the garage.
  • The kitchen is usually considered the heart of the home. Buyers want to buy a home with a fully functional kitchen. Resurfacing cabinets, adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing countertops, and fixing faulty hardware can give your kitchen a major uplift without breaking the bank.
  • Make sure to fix all leaking faucets and clogged drains in your bathroom. Remove limescale and resistant stains from the accessories and walls.

Improve The Curb Appeal With Minor Fixes

  • Work on the home’s exterior if you wish to make a good first impression on the buyer. A shabby and ill-maintained lawn, chipping exterior paint, and a damaged garage door will make the buyer lose interest in your home even before he enters it. Therefore, if you wish to maximize your home sale profits, improve its curb appeal.

Some minor fixes, such as pruning the trees, mowing the grass, adding mulch around the shrubs, and installing a new mailbox, send a positive message that the house is well-maintained. Decorate your front door with vines and bright potted plants to create a pleasant visual impact. Remove all the debris from the front lawn.

Get A Home Inspection Before Listing It

  • maximize your home saleArrange a pre-listing home inspection to avoid unwelcome surprises like concealed bad roofing, water damage, pest infestation, mold growth, shifting foundation, etc. You will find out what’s wrong with your home and get it fixed or reduce its severity before listing it for sale. If a buyer finds out about any of these issues, he will either withdraw from the deal or force you to reduce the price drastically, leaving you with little negotiating power.

Moreover, if word gets out about a certain issue with your home, it will damage your reputation and drive potential buyers away from your home. Hence, if you wish to retain your negotiation power and be 100 percent sure about your home, inspect it by professionals before listing it and fixing the issues.

  • This will cost you some money but save you from considerable trouble afterward.

Hire an experienced real estate agent to help you sell your home for a good price. Contact Jackie Scura to hire a trustworthy realtor in Morris County. We are an experienced team of real estate professionals who provide expert guidance and support throughout the home-selling process. Call us at 973-319-8334 for more information.

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