4 Tips To Sell Your Home During Winters

When is it right to sell your home during winter? 4 signs to watch for

The National Association of Realtors reveals that you can expect only about 66% of the usual sales activity between November and January. This is attributed to a smaller pool of buyers during the off-season. However, with fewer for-sale signs in the neighborhood, your property gets a distinctive spotlight and the undivided attention of potential buyers. So, embrace the unconventional and follow these tips for successfully selling your house during the winter.

Hire A Committed Realtor

  • The real estate market experiences a slowdown in the winter months. Most agents use the opportunity to go on vacations and extended breaks. However, given the fewer active buyers during this period, having a committed and experienced agent becomes even more crucial.

This is the best time to intensify marketing efforts and enhance the visibility of your property listing. Fortunately, online platforms simplify finding a dedicated real estate agent, even in the winter. Share details about your selling requirements to connect with ideal real estate agents who actively take clients and maintain a high commitment to the task, even in winter months.

Set the Right Price for Your Home

  • Another crucial aspect to consider when selling your home in the winter is the pricing of your property. A common mistake is undervaluing your home, affecting your potential returns. Winter buyers are often individuals undergoing job relocations or those aiming to capitalize on added tax benefits before the year ends.

This can translate into a willingness to present a strong offer to secure the desired property in a specific timeframe. According to real estate experts, since buyers are more motivated to buy in winter, there is a small premium price that they are willing to pay when compared to a similar sale at other times of the year. Establishing the right pricing strategy is essential to capitalize on this potential premium.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

  • 95% of top agents state that a well-maintained exterior can lead to a higher sale price. Follow these tips to enhance your home’s aesthetics and prioritize maintenance even during the colder season:

Clear Your Landscaping

  • Tidy up your landscaping by clearing leaves from the lawn and window wells. Clear debris surrounding your home for a polished look that suggests meticulous care.

Gutter Maintenance

Clear your gutters to prevent icicle formation. Knock down smaller icicles with a telescopic roof rake and use roof melt tablets to thaw the remaining ice. For larger icicles exceeding an inch in width and a foot in length, hire professional help.

Winter-Friendly Plants

  • Add winter-hardy plants, such as evergreen shrubs, to add dimension and color to your exterior. These plants withstand the cold and contribute to a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Remember, a well-maintained exterior attracts potential buyers and conveys that your home has been well-maintained throughout the winter months.

Revamp Your Marketing Strategy for Winter Sales

  • sell your home during wintersSelling a home in winter requires a distinct marketing approach from the strategies used during the other months. Take the listing photos before the leaves fall from the trees, the lawn is covered in snow, and before the holiday decorations. Seasonal elements in listing photos may discourage potential buyers. However, winter is an ideal time to highlight any energy-efficient features in your home.

For instance, emphasize features like a well-insulated attic or a smart thermostat in your marketing materials to motivate the buyers to save on winter energy bills. Moreover, collaborate with your real estate agent to enhance your digital presence. Leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or consider hosting a virtual open house to increase your chances of attracting buyers in winter.

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