4 Tips To Sell Your Home Without Moving Out

4 insider tips to sell your home while staying put

Selling your home can be a daunting process, especially if you plan to stay in it while it’s on the market. Balancing daily life with showings and potential buyers can be entirely manageable with the right approach. This article shares essential tips to help you attract buyers and close the deal while still living comfortably in your home.

Start With the Basics

  • Preparing your home for showings is a step-by-step process that involves thinking from the perspective of buyers. While living comfortably in your space, it’s essential to consider how your belongings and lifestyle may influence buyers’ impressions. Everyone has different preferences. Some prefer to view a home with existing furniture, while others like to see it empty to visualize their furniture.

Even with busy lives, it’s crucial to manage daily clutter before showcasing your home. Leaving mail on the counter or dishes in the sink can make the house appear messy and smaller. Buyers often form opinions based on their initial impressions, regardless of the property’s underlying appeal. Therefore, it is important to declutter and depersonalize to create a neutral environment, similar to a hotel room.

Know How Much to Declutter

  • Your real estate agent will advise on decluttering. However, determining the optimal level of decluttering is important. Clear about a third of items from every surface, including countertops, dressers, and coffee tables. A good guideline is to limit each surface to three items, ensuring they are essential or decorative. Additionally, reduce the contents of closets and cabinets by half, as buyers often inspect these areas. Overfilled cabinets can give the impression of insufficient storage space.

But what should you do with the items you’ve removed temporarily? While many sellers opt for renting storage units, real estate professionals suggest using the storage space in your home. Before renting a storage unit, consider boxing up items and storing them in your basement, garage, or another designated area. Buyers tend to overlook stored items unless they’re excessive or consist of bulky furniture. Seeing boxed items, buyers often comment positively, noting that the home appears ready for a move.

Enhance Your Home Before Listing

  • Potential buyers understand that you still live in the space, but it’s crucial to ensure your home looks appealing. A well-staged home can include the owner’s furniture. However, avoid overcrowding rooms with furniture. Remove worn or damaged pieces and add layers like cozy pillows fresh blankets, and throw rugs to refresh the space. Fresh flowers can also add color and a pleasant aroma.

The exterior serves as the buyer’s first impression of the house. While investing in improving the exterior’s appearance is crucial, don’t overlook the interiors. Integrate minor interior design upgrades to improve sales, such as creating welcoming entryways, enhancing lights, freshening up the paint, etc.

Managing Showings While Living in Your Home

  • tips to sell your homeOnce your home is ready for showings, it’s essential to maintain its show-ready condition. The kitchen and bathrooms must be perfect. Always ensure toilets are closed and shower curtains are pulled. While it may be challenging for children to keep their beds made, it’s important to do so if showings are expected. If a cash buyer comes with a quick closing offer, sellers must be prepared to make exceptions to their showing schedule.

When preparing for showings, it’s crucial to organize children’s toys, which can complicate the process if not managed properly. Designate a specific area for children’s toys rather than scattering them throughout the house. Additionally, for pets, specify a section of the house where they can stay during showings.

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