4 Winning Strategies to Sell A House Successfully

How to sell a house successfully with no stress; here are 4 practical strategies to manage your expectations and emotions

Selling a house can be a daunting task. It is one of the biggest financial deals most people will make in a lifetime; hence it carries quite a lot of financial risk. The home-selling process involves multiple different steps, such as preparing your home for sale by making improvements, pre-listing marketing tasks, filling out selling disclosures, determining a realistic price, negotiating with potential buyers, etc. On top of that, most people are short of time and want to sell their home within a set deadline.

Let us share four tried and tested strategies to facilitate the home-selling process and help you make a profitable sale. So dig in.

Focus on Essential Fixes

Even the most well-maintained homes require a few repairs. To make your home most attractive to the seller, focus on essential fixes which will fetch you the highest ROI. Determine a budget for the home improvement project, and don’t go overboard with it. Instead, concentrate on the following easy yet essential fixes:

  • Replace loose and damaged tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Replace loose, squeaking, or rusted hinges on doors and cabinets.
  • Fix all the leaky faucets and resolve all plumbing issues.
  • Replace old and damaged garage door.

Most buyers are touchy about the kitchen’s state, so carry out a few minor updates to give your kitchen a mini makeover. Repaint the cabinets, replace countertops, and upgrade the hardware to give your kitchen a clean and fresh look.

Enhance The Curb Appeal

How a home appears from the outside greatly influences the buyer’s choice. Your home may be spick and span from the inside, but if the exterior view and surrounding areas are not well-maintained, a potential buyer may reject it immediately.

A few easy ways to enhance the curb appeal are:

  • Clean the yard of any junk
  • Prune the bushes and mow the grass
  • Repaint the exterior
  • Repair the old mailbox or install a new one
  • Add mulch around shrubs and trees to enhance their appeal

Incentivize The Buyer

To attract generous and genuine buyers, incentivize them whenever and however you can. Consider the following options if you want your offer to stand out:

  • You can offer to pay for all or most closing costs.
  • Offer to vacate the home according to the buyer’s preference.
  • Consent to all inspections before closing the deal.
  • Agree to compensate for the cost of known items of concern.
  • If you have a transferable home warranty that offers repair and replacement services at a discounted price, share it with the buyer.

Hire a Professional and Reliable Real Estate Agent

  • sell a house successfullyA real estate agent will be your trusted partner and facilitator throughout the entire home-selling process. Working with a professional who understands the ins and outs of the market significantly reduces the financial risk and takes a considerable burden off your shoulders. Real estate agents will not help you determine a reasonable yet realistic price for your home, but they will also market your home to potential buyers.

The realtor will negotiate on your behalf and help you land a profitable deal. Creating a comprehensible real estate listing, scheduling and hosting showings, and completing the closing process are some of the significant tasks you will outsource to the real estate agent.

  • Statistical analysis revealed by the National Association of Realtors indicates that the homes listed without the assistance of realtors were sold for an average price of $260,000. In comparison, homes listed with the assistance of a realtor were sold for an average price of $318,000.

Hence, partnering with a professional and reliable realtor is the surest way of selling your home successfully.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable realtor in Morris County, contact Jackie Scura. We are a team of real estate experts who will guide and help you with every step of the home-selling process. For more information, call us at 973-604-8868.

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