5 Effective Tips to Expedite Your Home-Selling Process

From listing to closing: 5 expert tips for a quick home-selling process

The real estate business poses certain challenges to sellers as it is a hard and competitive world. Only a few sellers achieve their desired goal of selling the property quickly and for top price. A newbie seller is in for a tough experience. Is the home selling process taking more time than you expected? Has this process become stressful and burdensome? Let’s discuss a few tips and tricks to expedite your home-selling experience.

Work with a High-Caliber Realtor

  • In the spirit of selling your home fast, the most important step is to hire a trustworthy and experienced real estate agent. You may avoid all those mistakes that lengthen the home selling process by teaming up with the best-reputed realtors in your local market.

An experienced agent offers guidance on determining the right price, aids in staging the house properly, and negotiates the best deal. Data from the National Association of Realtors proves that hiring a real estate agent makes a substantial profit difference for sellers and takes considerably less time to achieve their goals.

Determine An Appropriate Selling Price

  • One main step in selling your house is to set a realistic and competitive asking price. Overpricing your home off-sets the buyers, and you may end up negotiating for a lower price in the end. This adds more time, thus delaying your house deal, and you may suffer considerable financial loss. Your real estate agent will advise you to set the best price and use the peak selling season of your region.

Enhance The Curb Appeal

  • Buyers are attracted to a well-maintained property. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to boost your curb appeal to leave a refreshing first impression. Pay attention to the front garden, pavement, and the patio. Apply fresh paint on the front door, windows, and fences.

The first few minutes after a potential buyer arrives is the golden time to catch their attention, so impress them with a well-maintained exterior.

Repair and Deep Clean

  • A nice exterior will grab the buyer’s attention. However, most buyers give more weight to the home’s interior. Damaged stuff like holes in walls, cracked tiles, carpet stains, and worn-off paint must be fixed before a major showing. Make sure that all plumbing systems work, unclog the drains & clean the bins. Get rid of any obnoxious smells and old furniture.

Your house needs thorough cleaning till it sparkles. Declutter your space and remove personal items like old photos, trophies, etc. Update the living room and ensure the widows are properly dressed with blinds or curtains. Depending on your budget, you may add some minor renovations in the kitchen, like fresh cabinets or new floor tiles.

Incentivize The Buyer

  • home-selling processSelling a house requires meticulous attention and effort, especially on tight deadlines. To speed up this process, sweeten your deal by giving a few incentives, like paying for some percentage of the closing cost. Make it comfortable for the buyers by agreeing to all sorts of inspections and accommodating your buyers’ moving schedules.

Do you want your house to sell as quickly as hotcakes in Morris County? Contact Jackie Scura, a trustworthy realtor. We are an experienced team of real estate professionals who provide expert guidance and support throughout the home-selling process. Call us at 973-319-8334 for more information.

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