5 Overlooked Factors That Hinder The Home Selling Process

Is your home selling process stuck? 5 questions you might not have considered

When listing a home for sale, most sellers have two objectives in mind: they want to sell the home in a given time frame while also deriving a high profit. Sellers encounter multiple challenges during the process, which can sometimes cause an unnecessary delay. To avoid being stuck in a rut and to make a smart and swift sale, watch out for these commonly overlooked factors that hinder the home selling process.

Lack of Access and Exposure for Potential Buyers

  • To maximize the chances of a speedy sale with a considerable profit margin, make your home accessible to buyers all the time. That means your home should be ready for a showing whenever a buyer wishes to view it. Restricted access results in limited exposure, which can cause an unnecessary delay in the sale of your home.

Some of the buyers may travel from outside your local area, and their schedules may clash with yours. However, being a seller, you should accommodate the buyers’ schedule for a home viewing. Make your home available for buyers as much as possible.

Setting An Unreasonably High Asking Price

  • Overpricing is one of the biggest obstacles to selling your home. Most sellers are tempted to demand a higher asking price because it is a surefire way to get a good deal on your home. However, buyers lose interest if the asking price for the house is far higher than the median sales price. Before buying a house, most buyers will explore the price of neighboring properties. Your over-priced home will stick out like a sore thumb, driving away potential buyers.

Therefore, it is important to price your home competitively and demand a reasonable asking price.

Insufficient Natural Illumination

  • Experienced real estate agents agree that most buyers reject a house that has insufficient access to natural light. If bushy trees in your yard block out most of the natural light, consider trimming and pruning them to allow natural light to flow in. Adding reflective surfaces, skylights, replacement windows, sheer curtains, etc, are some inexpensive yet effective ways to enhance access to natural light in the home.

Not Taking The Help of A Listing Agent

  • Whether you are a first-time seller or an experienced one, it isn’t easy to sell a home without the support and guidance of a listing agent. According to the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Profile Report, agent-assisted homes sold at a median price of $250,000, whereas FSBO homes sold at a median price of $190,000.

Hiring a professional, courteous, and experienced listing agent will not only increase your selling profit, but will also result in a more speedy sale. Therefore, learn from the mistakes of others and hire a reliable listing agent at the beginning of the home-selling process.

Insufficient Advertisement

  • home selling processYou can have the best home in the market, but without proper advertisement, buyers will not learn about it. Use every means at your disposal to advertise your home at the right channels. Combine conventional ways of advertisement, such as posting a ‘For Sale’ sign, with modern means, such as publishing ads on social media networks and real estate websites.

Work out a detailed marketing plan with your real estate agent. Experts recommend adopting a proactive approach to promoting your home.

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