5 Tried and Tested Tips for Selling Your Home for A Higher Price

5 tried and true tips for selling your home for a higher price to increase your home’s value

Selling a house is a momentous occasion in one’s life, and everyone wants a better price for it. Bidding wars are common in the real estate industry, and you must invest more time and effort to get top dollar for your house. What tips can help you negotiate a greater price for your property? Let’s discuss a few, as follows:

Work with a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

  • An experienced and professional real estate agent knows your local market and the potential buyers better than you. Hence, they can make a substantial difference in selling your house for better money. According to the data provided by the National Association of Realtors, it was observed that in the year 2021, homes listed with the assistance of a realtor sold for a significantly higher median price of $318,000 as compared to the homes that were listed without a realtor (median price $260,000).

Use Peak Selling Season and Determine A Realistic Price for Your Home

  • Listing your home during the most profitable season offers numerous benefits. There is more demand for houses in the spring season, especially when there are vacations in schools and people want to move to warmer places. Homes sell at a much higher price during spring and summer seasons. So time your sale accordingly.

Know your local market, and do not overprice your home. You may be required to bring the price down later, which off-sets the buyers; hence, identify the right asking price and stick to it.

Add Minor Renovations to Increase Value

  • Adding minor renovations at a low cost can boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers. This includes touching up your landscape, such as keeping a well-cut lawn and maintaining a clean and tidy patio.

The kitchen is the heart of every house, and its upgradation does not cost much. Resurface your cabinets, replace countertops, apply a fresh coat of paint, and use inexpensive flooring to give your kitchen a new look and attract buyers.

  • Other ideas, although a bit more expensive, include bathroom renovations and installing smart home technology (Smart door locks,thermostats, foyer lights, and home security systems). These will make your house stand out, adding a wow factor hence increasing the value of your property.

Do not forget your walls. Keep their maintenance up-to-date. Make your walls fashionable by using neutral-colored paint and discard old wallpapers.

Stage Your Home

  • It’s a proven fact that staging your home captures buyers’ interest from the front door, therefore making it easier for them to visualize the property as their future home. The entry hall is your top priority, so repaint it, place flowers, and add an eye-catching art piece or a gigantic mirror. Next comes the living room, master bedroom, and then the kitchen. Remove personal objects and de-clutter the space.

Take Advantage of Digital Technology

  • selling your home for a higher priceHighlight your home with good-quality photographs, as in today’s world, most people search for properties online. A good photo can attract buyers. However, don’t photograph every inch of the home; rather, leave some to the imagination so that you have more to offer when the buyer sees the house.

Use an online platform to create a digital home footprint to maintain records, warranty documents, and more. This step will surely get a lot of appreciation from buyers, improving your chances for a better profit margin.

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