A Guide To Staging Your Home For Sale

When is the best time to start staging your home for sale? A seller’s ultimate guide

Selling your home is a complex process that involves more than simply listing it on the market. One key aspect that can significantly impact the selling experience is staging. Properly staged homes attract more potential buyers, sell faster and often command higher prices. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights on staging your home for sale.

Prepare for Sale Physically and Mentally

  • Successfully staging your home while still living in it requires lifestyle adjustments. Mentally prepare yourself by recognizing your time there as temporary. According to the experts, the key to effective home staging is to imagine your home as already sold.

Consider the space as your latest project, not your residence. Moreover, make your home inviting, clean, and stylish to create an appealing atmosphere for potential buyers.

Make the following changes:

  • Declutter visible areas
  • Empty drawers and cabinets
  • Deep clean during decluttering
  • Keep personal items out of view
  • Place non-essential items in storage

Maintaining The Staged Look

  • Achieving a perfectly staged home after the initial efforts requires ongoing commitment. While your family continues to live in the space, consistent planning can make the task manageable for the next showing.

Here’s how you can manage the staged look:

  • Identify daily messy areas and prioritize their cleaning.
  • Establish a family schedule for tackling frequent messes collaboratively.
  • Clean as you go, especially during activities like cooking.
  • Opt for cooking methods that minimize stovetop mess, such as an oven or a pressure cooker.
  • Utilize placemats during meals and encourage bib use for young children.
  • Opt for finer cleaning to impress potential buyers, such as removing water stains, scrubbing shower scum, etc.
  • Update bed linens and replace cartoon bedspreads with neutral-colored blankets.
  • Store the majority of toys, leaving out only a few favorites.
  • Keep cleaning essentials vacuum, duster, and Lysol wipes easily accessible.

These efforts will ensure a staged and appealing home for potential buyers.

Consider Professional Staging for Maximum Appeal

Investing in staging offers numerous benefits, as highlighted by a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors:

  • 23% of agents noted a 1%-5% increase in the dollar value offered for staged homes.
  • 47% of buyers’ agents observed an impact on most buyers’ perception of the home.
  • 82% of buyers’ agents affirmed that staging helps buyers visualize the house as their future home.
  • 31% of agents emphasized that staging accelerated the sale process.

Leave Your Home During Showings

  • Preparing to be out of the house during showings and open houses may be inconvenient, but the payoff is a consistently cleaner and more appealing living space.

Here’s how:

Plan Outdoor Activities

  • Arrange day trips, outdoor picnics, or dinner reservations to keep the family occupied and reduce the time spent at home.

Pack Essentials in Advance

  • Have necessary items packed and ready in advance to avoid delays when potential buyers visit.

Grill Instead of Cooking Inside

  • staging your home for saleMinimize indoor odors and cleaning by grilling outside rather than cooking strong-smelling foods indoors.

Arrange Playdates or Trips

  • Plan playdates for kids at neighbors’ homes or enjoy trips to the local park, especially in good weather.

Explore Camping Options

  • Consider camping or alternative accommodations to keep your home available for potential buyers whenever needed.

You can ensure that your home remains in optimal condition by adopting these strategies, leaving a lasting positive impression on prospective buyers.

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