Top Home Renovations for a High Return on Investment

Read this before you renovate – The top home renovations for smart investors!

The idea of updating and preparing your home for sale may seem overwhelming. The postponed repairs can appear as significant issues to potential buyers once your home is listed. Choosing to invest time and money into a few key repairs to make your home market-ready often translates to substantial returns. Let’s explore the top home renovations that yield a high return on investment.

Opt for a Fresh Coat of Paint

  • Painting is one of the most budget-friendly home improvements, with a remarkably high return on investment. According to the Director of Economic Research, 36% of home sellers opt for painting. When selling your home, a fresh coat of neutral paint can transform the entire house, providing a renewed aesthetic appeal.

Buyers particularly prefer a neutral, blank canvas that allows them to envision their style. Consider seeking color recommendations from a professional, as paint colors can be affected by lighting and other house features such as cabinets and flooring.

Refresh Your Yard

  • The exterior of your home creates the first impression for potential buyers. An overlooked yard can look unattractive and repel buyers. Remove any dead plants and trim overgrown vegetation to enhance the overall appeal.

Refresh the lawn by re-sodding or planting grass seeds, and consider edging to define different areas. Additionally, apply fresh mulch or straw to the beds for a polished look. Introducing a few new shrubs and perennials can contribute to a more finished and inviting appearance.

Upgrade Lighting

  • Swapping out lighting fixtures throughout your house can be a simple and cost-effective update with a significant impact on the overall appearance. When considering options for chandeliers, pendant lighting, and ceiling fixtures, maintain color consistency with your home’s hardware.

Mixing metals like copper and oiled bronze or brushed nickel with chrome can work well. However, avoid blending gold and silver tones. Additionally, older brass fixtures may appear outdated, often associated with properties built in the 80s and 90s. If you’re investing in something new, ensure it provides a genuine and modern update.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

  • The kitchen is more than just a cooking space. It’s a central hub for family gatherings, entertaining guests, and daily activities. A modernized kitchen stands out as a significant selling point, appealing to a broad range of buyers, from young professionals to families.

Opt for the following upgrades:


  • Lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the feel of the kitchen. A well-designed lighting scheme can transform the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere for various activities.


  • The right cabinetry can redefine the look of a kitchen. Custom options allow homeowners to tailor storage solutions to their specific needs, optimizing space and reflecting personal style preferences.

Bathroom Upgrades That Maximize ROI

  • top home renovationsOpting for a mid-range bathroom upgrade, which includes natural stone countertops, provides a significant return on investment, as per Zillow’s data. An outdated bathroom can make your house look old, making strategic updates essential. Profitable bathroom enhancements may involve new countertops, updated tiling, replacing brass or metal-framed doors with frameless glass, installing new cabinets, and upgrading sink and tub fixtures.

When selecting new cabinets, stick to a minimalist approach with neutral colors and no intricate designs or raised panels. Moreover, the appearance of dated tile can be enhanced by cleaning or refreshing the grout, a task suitable for both DIY and professional services. Instead of replacing cabinets, consider painting them in clean and neutral colors like white, grey, or black. Additionally, reglazing the tub is a more economical option compared to installing a brand-new one.

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